Off Shoot Comics is the brainchild of David Clarke and Walter Bryant. The pair started their independent comic book publishing company in 2011, and since then, their fledgling label has not only survived, but thrived. Their newest project is Star Burned. The first book, Innocent Scream is the starting point of an exciting new series of graphic novels, full of diverse strongly driven charactders, and set in a grim, rough-and-tumble universe.

Star Burned, once funded, will be a 300 page black and white graphic novel – epic by anybody’s standards. It’s the story of a far off universe where 13 people have each been given a mark called a Star Burn. These marks grant extraordinary power and if one were to gain all 13 marks, one would become god. In this middle of all this you have Zandra, a hunter and a Star Burned who thinks she can outrun even God, is given the job to hunt down another Star Burned, Aidan. Due to a cruel twist of fate Zandra is forced to take care Aidan against all odds from the forces that seek his life, ranging from common criminals to other Star Burned.

The biggest looming threat to the Star Burned is a group called The Court of Nynes, a cult that controls all of the magic in the universe. The Court has waited along time for someone in their order to become Star Burned and now finally a son of one of their high leaders has been chosen, Ren, a egotistical psychopath has been granted a Star Burn. His mark is the Mark of Life granting him godlike immortality, but the Court desires him to have all 13 marks so they may have their own god to reshape the galaxy into a place of their own design, purged of all non-humans.

About Off Shoot Comics

The mission of Off Shoot Comics has always been to create and publish amazing stories that reflect the world they live in, by giving more representation to women and people of color. Their team features this same diversity, and so far they’ve published more than ten of their own books, using a relatively small staff. In addition to their books, they have a YouTube channel where they discuss pop media, and especially their first love, comics.

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