The Fifth Element hit the big screen in 1997, and starred Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman in one of the best movies of the science fiction genre ever made. Its story arc closely followed that laid out in The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell; the director and screenwriter Luc Besson used this book as his guiding principal as he worked on the screenplay for the five years, it took to get it perfect.

Inserted in all this magical mayhem was this iconic scene, with a blue alien diva singing a song that no human could hope to reproduce. That was the intent anyway. Since the film came out, several gifted human beings have attempted to reproduce the performance. Some have been stars of the operatic stage. Others have been classically trained singers. Today’s is from a pop singer named Crys Nammour, of the group Hushh.

This video bears a few replays. There are no distracting stage performances, no electronic processing to her voice as she sings, and she doesn’t just fake the parts she can’t do. She hits every single note in what was supposed to be a humanly impossible aria.


Voici ma version de “The Diva Dance” du film “Le 5ème élément”. Après 2 jours de travail acharné pour capter toutes les notes qu’elle fait lol. (Parfois ça va trop viiite) J’espère que ça vous plaira. Je fais quelques drôles de mimiques désolée :p N’hésitez pas à partager. A bientôt!!Here is my version of “The Diva Dance” from the movie “The 5th Element”,  after two days of hard work to capture all the notes she makes LOL. (Sometimes it’s a challenge.) I hope you like it. I do make some funny faces, sorry: p Feel free to share.  See you soon !!

Ms. Nammour is a French language voice artist of the first order. She lives in Paris, and has been creating music and performing with her band Hushh since 2010. And apparently, she’s a sci-fi fan.




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