One of the big things actors struggle with on a regular basis is keeping secrets about their latest projects — however, some just can’t resist tormenting the faithful with little nuggets of information that cannot be confirmed or denied. Sometimes it’s a slip, sometimes they just enjoy working up the fans.

Henry Cavill, this generation’s Superman, is one of the latter.

While getting back into his training regiment post knee injury, Cavill posted to Instagram about taking his time, doing it right, and making sure he’s bigger than the Green Lantern — wait a second…!


A slip? Perhaps, but it’s not the first one. There was another recent instance of Cavill posting a shot of himself with more Green Lantern allusions.

Other Kal looking for Hal #GreenLantern #Kal

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It’s entirely likely that good ol’ Hank is having some fun at the expense of the loyal, given that we’re not supposed to see Green Lantern on the silver screen until 2020. Still, his consistent name dropping does leave one to wonder…could there be even a little something on the horizon?

Henry Cavill, star of DC films Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will next appear in 2017’s Justice League. He will also, of course, be in the eventual Man of Steel 2, which could potentially be directed by candidate Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn, who is at this point being eyed for directing the sequel to the 2013 movie, is better known for his work directing X-Men movies, and Kick Ass.

Which movie are you more excited about: Green Lantern or Man of Steel 2? Does the notion of a Green Lantern cameo have you itching for the upcoming Justice League? Leave a comment and let us know!


Elizabeth Carlie

Elizabeth Carlie

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