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We had to show you this (and the music is already on the SCIFI.radio playlist). It’s called Final Frontier: An Original STAR TREK Theme, and it’s by composer Charles-Henri Avelange. With CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery in production and slated for release on their studio-specific premium access service some time this fall, it’s reasonable to assume that this music video featuring a full studio orchestra has at least something to do with it, and that this might be the theme music for it.

We found this in Avelange’s Twitter feed, with the video attached.

Avelange was born in France in 1982 and is known to a small audience especially for his orchestral works. He was already known as “French Hans Zimmer” at the age of 22, composing for documentaries, companies like Microsoft and events such as the Seattle International Film Festival. In 2016, he contributed the soundtracks to five smaller films and a documentary.

The music itself is thrilling and well crafted. It most definitely has that “Trek” sound, though it does seem reliant on flourishes and a bit light on structured theme. Still in all, a shorter version might well be the theme to Star Trek: Discovery, given that Avelange tweeted it with the hashtag . If that’s true, it’s a sign that CBS is taking this seriously. Give this a listen a few times and let it settle in your brain and tell us what you think.

Will Star Trek: Discovery reignite Trek as modern mythology? Watch this space.


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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