David Bowie

David Bowie died on this day one year ago. As with everything else David Bowie did, it shocked the world.

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The science fiction community, in particular, had embraced Bowie as their champion in music, and he, them. From his early creations of Ziggy Stardust, through his acting career in motion pictures, to his final album Blackstar, which he produced knowing he was not far from death, Bowie was the personification of the ideas and goals set forth in science fiction, living out by example the famous imperative coined by Theodore Sturgeon to explain science fiction,  “Ask the next question”.

David Bowie never stopped asking that question, and in so doing, inspired generations of writers, filmmakers, and musicians.
One such musician is Waylon K. Smith, of the sci-fi band Positronic Cats. Today on the Positronic Cats Soundcloud page, they posted this beautiful tribute to the Man Who Fell to Earth.  Says Waylon,

I wrote this song one year ago after hearing the news of David Bowie’s passing. It was a sudden shock, and it completely stunned me for about two weeks. He influenced me artistically, philosophically, & psychologically. No other person is as deserving of the title ARTIST; Bowie encompasses the word in its entirety. He helped me to accept myself as a strange & flawed human being with worth. Because of that, I will sing until the day I die.

Thank you, David, we love you & still miss you.



Mortal Cathedrals

Thin as a shadow
Draped in the starlight that made ya
You fell from the earth
While we clung to you like a savior

Baby, you never showed your face
Maybe you were trying to distract us
Baby, you’ve sacrificed yourself
Maybe you were trying to protect us

Like Mortal Cathedrals
Like Mortal Cathedrals
Like Mortal Cathedrals

Like vapor or, like smoke
Slipping through back doors and cages
& every practiced pose
was showing us how to be courageous

But we are luminous
With your starlight, a symbol
A host of smoldering embers
Until our foundations crumble

Like Mortal Cathedrals
Like Mortal Cahtedrals
Like Mortal Cathedrals

Performed by The Positronic Cats
for the album “Mortal Cathedrals”
Written by Waylon K. Smith on 1/10/16


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