DeviantArt artist MadunTwoSwords has been presenting his drawings and sculptures on the popular artist’s social media platform for ten years now, but one thing she’s done recently has caught our eye. It’s Star Trek jointed paper dolls, and they’re an idea whose time has come. There are paper dolls based not only on the original Trek, but on the animated series as well. Best of all, you can download the images, print them out, and assemble your own set!

To print them out, use the heaviest paper you can get your hands on. The joints have to be assembled with brass fasteners like what you’d find at your local office supply store. Naturally, the better paper you can use, the sturdier your dolls will be.

MadunTwoSwords has been doing paper dolls like this for years, and his gallery includes not only these, but the props and backgrounds you need to make your own two-dimensional Star Trek tableau.

MadunTwoSwords also does sculpture in various media, and has amazing skills in a wide variety of illustration and painting techniques as well. You can download these images and more, for free, from his DeviantArt gallery.

Have fun!


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