Wallpaper Engine is a program that allows you to have animated and interactive wallpapers on your desktop. This allows for you as the user to customize your desktop to fit your interests instead of just some normal background that just sits there. WE (Wallpaper Engine) reminds me of Windows DreamScene from Windows Vista. It was a pretty cool, but very limited feature that took up way too much in the way of resources and overhead and ended up not being worth it – just like Windows Vista itself. WE fixes all of this with a very intuitive interface, customization, and options to have the wallpaper stop and start animating whenever you want.


The above screenshot shows you what the interface looks like. There are several selections with several options to choose from in the beginning and the list only grows when you consider that this program uses Steam Workshop for you to download and update all of the interactive and animated wallpapers you decide to download at no extra cost.

Speaking of cost, this program is in Steam’s Early Access and normally I do not recommend anything in Early Access unless I would use it in that condition without any further updates if it were to leave Early Access. That being said, it’s amazing that this program is being offered for $3.99 USD. I personally would recommend it to people (I already have after showing them it) and taking the time to customize my own desktop to be as minimalistic as possible thanks to this and one other piece of freeware called AutoHideDesktopIcons.

I’m going to leave a link or two for you to review to see if this would be a good fit for you and your computing experience. Here’s the store page for Wallpaper Engine, and here’s the Steam Workshop for it.