Our new online store is open!

Ummm, yeah. Probably not what you’d think of as earthshaking news. It’s like going to Hollywood and chasing down the source of those quad search lights sweeping the sky only to find out it’s the opening of a new liquor store.

But this is actually kind of cool, because we have found a new supplier for our shirts which lets us sell them to you for about half what we used to have to charge for them. Now, instead of an average of $28 a shirt (we were never happy about that), they average about $14. We’re adding more designs too, so check back from time to time to see the new designs. We carry only our own designs, so the shirts you’ll see there can’t be obtained anywhere else (unless you see us at a convention).

So now you can go buy a t-shirt to support the station without that nagging feeling that you may just have overpaid for a t-shirt – and everything you buy helps keep us on the air, and helps the hard working people who make it possible be paid for all that hard work.


To find any of these shirts, just click on the “Store” link on the SCIFI.radio web site. Yes, this one, the one you’re already on.

We have more cool things in the offing, but we can’t talk about them yet because everything’s still in planning stages and frankly, we don’t know which things are going to be ready first. Also, to be honest, at this stage things sometimes break or go sideways, so we’d just as soon just tell you when they’re ready.

We’re making science fiction fandom history, and you’re a part of it.

Remember to tune in to SCIFI.radio every day – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi.