When you run the world’s only full time geek radio station, you’re constantly on the lookout for cool new music. Sometimes it just drops out of the sky into your lap.

Pop powerhouse Fifth Harmony has teamed-up with DC Super Hero Girls to collaborate on the first-ever DC Super Hero Girls music video showcasing Fifth Harmony’s new single and female empowerment anthem, That’s My Girl.

This action-packed video features iconic DC female Super Heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana as they flex their super powers and support each other to conquer all obstacles. This collaboration will help build character, promote confidence, and empower girls to discover their true potential.

That’s My Girl has served as the summer’s unofficial anthem for female empowerment. During the Rio Olympics in August, the uplifting song – which includes a Destiny’s Child shout-out – was used as the soundtrack to a U.S. Women’s Gymnastics video.

Of course, having all the iconic female characters as teenagers living and going to school at Super Hero High breaks the canon of every single one of these characters, but frankly, I doubt that anybody cares about that. It’s uplifting and bright and joyful in a time when we need a lot more of all of those things. It’s an opportunity to strip away all the nonsense and get straight to the heart of the matter. And in the end, isn’t it the heart that counts?

We couldn’t not add it to our playlist. This feels like it was made for us. Enjoy, and listen for this tune on SCIFI.radio.


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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