Part of what makes Blizzard Entertainment’s new game Overwatch so popular is that Blizzard understands storytelling.  The game studio currently has one of the most capable animation studios on the planet under its roof in Irvine, California, and rather than just making cut scenes and animating for the games themselves, they put these talented artists and animators to work making amazing new things for us all to enjoy.

This animated short is called The Last Bastion, and tells the story of one of the characters in the game, called Bastion. He’s a battle bot from the Omnic Crisis, a battle long over – but as he rediscovers the world around him, we find he’s got PTSD from having been in combat, made worse by his discovery of a severed head of another bot like himself, left over from the battle.

This is a sweeping story, told in a mere seven minutes. The robot waking up covered in grass, moss and flowering plants seems to be a clear homage to aged robots from Laputa – Castle in the Sky, and we think it’s a lovely tribute. Enjoy.