Marvel Studios keeps taking somewhat two-dimensional characters from the early 70’s, reinventing them so that they have some real substance, and converting them into A-list heroes. Netflix has just released the main trailer for Luke Cage, and it’s awesome.

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Luke gets an early parole for participating in a risky scientific experiment which gives him super strength and invulnerability. Returning to Harlem, he just wants to be left alone, but destiny has something more important in mind for him. He’s bulletproof, and uses a door torn off a car not as a shield, but as a battering ram. Oh, and watch closely at about the 00:28 second mark. We have headband, people. This is not a drill.

We see Misty Night and Cottonmouth as bad guys, along with an awful lot of thugs who seem to spend more time hurtling through windows and flying over desks than standing around. Luke is played by Mike Colter, who played the character in the first season of Jessica JonesIn the comics, the two are married and have a daughter.

Luke Cage is pitch perfect, shedding the 1970’s cheese of the original comic books. It’s the newest addition to the Marvel Comics on-screen universe, and proves that Marvel has a great many good stories left to tell. Nick Cage premieres on Netflix on September 30. Be prepared for some binge watching.


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