coverart-1280x800For the past decade, a small dedicated team took it upon themselves to create their ideal Metroid game. Milton Guasti, the mastermind behind the project, worked diligently to provide an experience that was crisp and smooth. The game was  titled Project AM2R, or Another Metroid 2 Remake.  Gameplay wise, it incorporates the fast-paced gameplay of Metroid: Zero Mission, and the tone of Super Metroid. There are also new areas, animations, music and enemies included in AM2R.

Unfortunately, Nintendo have apparently given the creators of the remake a DMCA takedown notice, resulting some reorganization of how the game is being hosted and what servers that happens from. For the moment, the game is still available, so if you want it, grab it quick. The developers of AM2R commented, stating that they’ll check if it’s a real DMCA notice. Luckily, Nintendo has a good record with respect to allowing the existence of fan-made games, Super Mario 64 HD being one of the few exceptions.  The question now is, if it is indeed an authentic DMCA takedown notice, why did Nintendo wait such a long time to issue it? This project existed for over 8 years. One of the theorized reasons is because Nintendo is planning to exercise the Metroid intellectual property soon, and doesn’t want any competition. The developers of Project AM2R will give an update on the DMCA notice as soon as they can confirm its legitimacy.

The game was just released on August 6 and made available for free on their website. This brings an experience that veteran Metroid fans will love; the developers made sure to make a game worthy of the name Metroid. With zero Nintendo involvement, AM2R  runs very smooth and plays beautifully. Surprisingly, Nintendo hasn’t celebrated the 30th anniversary of Metroid yet. Their acknowledgement of the series is prominent, with the latest release of Metroid coming from the 2010 game Metroid: Other M, with a side of small games like Metroid Prime: Blast Ball and the controversial Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Hopefully Nintendo will relent and allow this project exist. There is an obvious demand for a proper Metroid game, and this is a classic example of what happens when an obvious demand in a marketplace isn’t filled by the owner of the property in question: if the fans cannot find it, they will make their own. This is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to make huge points with its fan base. Perhaps some kind of licensing deal can be worked out. It’s not an infringement if it’s properly licensed.

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Eman Well

Eman Well