A bit over a week ago at San Diego Comic-Con, MechanicalCake TV released a sneak peek at the first 15 minutes of the TV pilot for Fallout: Revelation, a new live action fan made TV series based on the Fallout universe.

This is just the first third of the pilot. The remaining two parts will be posted in the next week or so on the MechanicalCakeTV Youtube channel.

It may look like a bunch of beat up old crap, but it takes an incredible amount of effort and creativity to recreate a world that previously only existed in a computer game. A saving grace is that the new game, Fallout 4, has visuals that look so good that they might as well be a movie. This film has a cast list bigger than some features, and if Amazon Prime or Netflix wanted to work out a deal with Bethesda to make this a real licensed, authentic production, why, we don’t think we’d complain.



Joseph Mercury: Ben Jurand
Aldous Mercury: Charles-Curtis Sanders
Ella Mercury: Tameka Bob
Pollux: Chris Kalhoon
Killian Quinn: Luke Anthony
James Anderson: Don Scribner
Danya: Tatjana Alexis
Young Aldous: Jeremy Stafford
Gerhard: Skip Pipo

Enclave Forces
Max the Enclave Captain: Paul Meixner
Michael the Enclave Officer: Mitchell Newell
Enclave Radio Girl: Kari Anne Frazer
Enclave Secretary: Regina Schnitzer
Enclave Cameraman: Clayton Simon

Enclave Officers:
Troy Polidori
Rob Reid
Issac Simon
Jedediah Jenk
Sam Vargus

Armored Enclave Officers:
Rob Reid
Marq René
Anita Zeismann
Tim Yao
Issac Simon

Vault Dwellers:
Girl Tunnel Guard: Sam Takao
Vault Kid: Chris Negron
Barber: John Dobroth
Man Being Shaved: Marq René
Mr. Handy: Cogsworth Pennyworth
Huck the Dog: Huck
Anderson’s Granddaughter: Jane Flower
Potlicker Mama: Carla Short
Vault Guards:
Michael J. Cook
Mike A. Rubio,
James Cowart
Ryan Lay
Michael Cavanaugh
Caleb Donato

Vault Dwellers:
John Dobroth
William “Bill” Carson III
Sharon Barnett
Palm Sirichanya
Anna Pazderski
Doris Felix
Shane Steele
Jessica Kruel
Samantha Flower
Lucas Flower
Maggie Flower
Tyler Burkholder

Incinerated Vault Dweller Bodies:
Kelli Clark
Sierra Gomellion
Gehrensen Barnett
Grace lowen

Mrs. Quinn: Holly McCrary
Junior Quinn: Rylin McCrary
Delilah Sky Radio Host: Kate Krieger

Executive Producer: Jesse Negron
Executive Producer: Tom Sanders
Produced by Tom Sanders, Rita Bakelaar, and Mark Stampfli
Production Coordinator: Kelli Clark
1st Assistant Director: Whitney Gomillion, Tyler Welch
2nd Unit Director: Shanalyse Barnett
Location Manager: Danica Sheen
Production Assistants:
Rudy Lotfalla
Drew Turner
Heather Larsen
Yasha Sojwal

Series Music By: Jeff Laity
Series Cinematography By: Bryce Simon
Series Production Design By: Natalie Gates

Lead Set Dresser: Dani Armstrong
Set Dressers: Jenna Kim, Kelsey Kolberg
Leadman: Tim Yao
Swing: Rob Reid
Graphic Designer: Caled Donato, Stephen Remich
Carpenter: Gehrensen Barnett
Scenic Artist: Hosanna Gourley
Line Artist: Martin Estrada
Storyboard Artist: Natalie Gates
Art PA: Abigail Roberts, Rachel Mallasch, Katie Mieding
Costume Designer: Michelle Zaherek
Wardrobe: Anita Ziesmann
Wardrobe Assistant: Jenni Noordhoek
Gunfight Choreographer: Tim Yao
Hair/Makeup/FX Design: Maxi
Additional Hair and MakeUp: Nikki Parisi
Makeup Artist: Lindsay Dabalos
Makeup Artist: Janelyn Marcelo
Prosthetic Artist: Julianna Goza

Camera Operators:
Bryce Simon
Adam Jones
First AC: Anita Ziesmann
Second AC: Eric New, Allie Roberts, Rachel David
DIT: Ricky Rose
DIT Assist: Gavin Ash
Script Supervisor: Anna Wiskerchen

Sound Designer: Amber Overholt
Production Sound Mixers:
Bryan Diaz
Ryan Lagerstrom
Grace Owens
Kyle Thomas
Christopher Del Padre

Gaffer: Jonny Strellman
Best Boy Electric: Sam Vargas
Key Grip: Jacob Ortega
Best Boy Grip: Eric Alirez
Gabriel Gonzales
Collin Friesen
Drew Franzblau
Dakota Gerard
James Cowart
Gavin Ash

Visual Effects Supervisor: Shanalyse Barnett
Rotoscope Artists:
Anita Ziesmann
Danica Sheean
Colorist: Bryce Simon

Written by: Billy Strayhorn and Joya Sherrill
Performed By: The Delta Rhythm Boys
Courtesy of: Internet Archives

Written by: Fred Fisher and Ada Benson
Performed By: Fats Waller
Courtesy of: Internet Archives

Special Thanks to:
Azusa Pacific University
The Negron Family
The Barnett Family

SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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