Amazon revealed to the world the first images from the upcoming Amazon Prime series, The Tick, based on the superhero parody comic book created by Ben Edlund. The series stars Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) as the title character, who defends “The City” with immense strength and child-like fascination. Joining him as his sidekick is Arthur, played by Griffin Newman (Vinyl), who in previous incarnations wears a moth costume and acts as the voice of reason for the Tick.

Terrorizing “The City” is Jackie Earle Hayley as the supervillain known as the Terror, a genius scientific mastermind. Hayley is no stranger to superhero adaptations, having played the vigilante Rorschach in Watchmen. Other actors in the cast include Valorie Curry (The Following) as Dot Everest, Yara Martinez (True Detective) as Ms. Lint and Brendan Hines (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Superian. The pilot episode will be directed by Wally Phister, the director of photography for the The Dark Knight trilogy. Tick creator Edlund will serve as an executive producer.

As previously stated, the Tick first appeared in a black and white comic series by Edlund in 1988. As an absurdist parody of the superhero genre, many more spandex clad champions and evildoers appeared in the pages of the comic.

The character proved popular enough that in 1994, the Fox network worked with Edlund to produce a Saturday morning cartoon about the Tick, that lasted three seasons.

In 2001, Fox produced a live-action Tick series starring Patrick Warburton as the title character. While the show is a beloved cult classic among fans and the cast themselves, it was cancelled after just one season. DVD and streaming releases of the show has continued the interest in the character.

Amazon’s live action series of The Tick will be available to watch on Amazon Prime on August 19, 2016.