Star Trek: Renegades used to be a Star Trek fan series. Not anymore. Now it’s a fully standalone science fiction epic space opera fan series that is completely disconnected from Star Trek.  Paramount Pictures, on June 23, 2016, announced new guidelines obviously designed specifically to skewer Star Trek: Renegades and other Star Trek fan films and series. Two days later, Sky Conway’s production team made the announcement that they would be continuing their project, but without the trappings that make it specifically of the Star Trek universe. Instead of CBS and Paramount shutting down this monumental effort, the show simply became Renegades without Star Trek, pulled a fast feint maneuver and went to full warp.

Crew of the Archer, from 'Renegades', showing new costume designs by Michael Philpot.

Crew of the Archer, from ‘Renegades’, showing new costume designs by Michael Philpot.

It must have been quite the shock for the production crew to read about CBS/Paramount’s new fan-film killing “guidelines”, especially in mid-production. Having the utmost respect for the Star Trek franchise, they wanted to abide by the rules and regulations, but they weren’t about to turn their backs on their fans either. The new episode, Renegades: The Requiem remains in production. It retains the feel of Star Trek, with all the basic character traits that made the franchise great, but without any of the trademarked or copyrighted elements.

Star Trek: Renegades was originally meant as a pilot for a new Star Trek television series, to entice CBS to put Trek back on the air. It features a number of cast members from various Trek series, and was the subject of a very successful crowdfunding campaign. The brainchild of Tim Russ, who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, it features cast members from various Star Trek franchises and popular science fiction classic films. Having collected large sums of money from fans, they’re moving forward instead of shutting down. Now Renegades is its own self-contained original series.

Renegades is about a crew of rogues, rebels, and outcasts led by Captain Lexxa Singh. They have been enlisted by the Confederation to handle the kind of threats and missions that no one else can do. They’re kind of like the interstellar Special Forces. It stars Adrienne Wilkinson, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Robert Beltran, Robert Picardo, Edward Furlong, Manu Intiraymi, Terry Farrell, Sean Young, and many others.