We love the Disney Princesses. Regardless of who you are, there’s something about them. They’re strong, they’re beautiful, they’re vulnerable, occasionally overly obsessed with finding a handsome prince, and they either remind us of the best in ourselves or bring out our better impulses and emotions. There is, however, something missing.

There are no Disney matriarchs. Except, of course, for Merida’s mom, Queen Elinor, in the movie Brave. There’s Mulan’s mother Fa Li, who really just makes a token appearance in the movie Mulan, but she’s almost absent from the story, but apart from these two, that’s pretty much it.

Where are the Disney Moms? Apart from Mulan’s mother Fa Li, and Merida’s mother Queen Elinor, they’re pretty much nowhere to be seen.  Creative madwomen Tami Hillberry and Amie DellaValle tackle the answer to the question of the missing Disney Moms in the same way Disney himself would have: with a song queue, and a liberal helping of humor. The Princesses are holding a seance, and who should show up but two of the mothers they’ve been missing this whole time.

Stay till the end, by the way. There’s a surprise cameo.

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Tami and Amie have a YouTube channel called Ghosts: Busted, and there’s a big focus on interesting ghost-themed beverages. They play sisters Tami and Ami Hillvalley, sisters on a mission to explore the unknown while keeping the family’s paranormal investigation business, Ghosts: Busted!, alive and in the black. There’s only one problem: they are actually rather terrified of ghosts. That’s where the libations come in.  Their channel invites you to follow them on their journey as they look for answers to the unexplained, truth in the unknowable, and get dignified along the way.


Directed by: Laura Holliday
Director of Photography: Christopher Sheffield
Written By and Starring: Amie DellaValle and Tami Hillberry
Pepper Berry
Ariel Hart
Emily Keifer
Stacie Leavitt
Samantha Olson
Color Correction: Austin Presley
Special Effects: Kevin Mayer
Special Thanks:
Megan Grano
Ithamar Enriquez
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Mr. Disney
Promised me I’d be a star
Put me in a seashell bra, made me marry King Triton
And I don’t know why but Walt had me die, there are no Disney Moms

Yes, Walt Disney
Promised me the sun and moon
Then he married me off to an “eccentric inventor”
Walt gave me breath then he gave me death, there are no Disney Moms

Sha la la la la la, my oh my
Looks like you’re gonna die if you’re a Disney Mom
Sha la la la la la, ain’t that sad?
Ain’t it a shame? Too bad, you’ll never know our songs…

Now’s our moment
To show the world just what we’ve got
We’re smart, we’re young, and we’re still hot
We deserve some attention

But when we get pissed you end up on our shit list
Don’t cross the Disney Moms

Sha la la la la la Walt can go to Hell
We’ll kick his Tinker Bells, and we will haunt his dreams

Should have known that we could never trust
A man with pixie dust who told us we’d be queens

Now our daughters wish upon a star
And wonder where we are as they sing Disney songs
Hope they don’t have their own kids soon
Or else they’ll meet their doom ‘cause Walt kills off his moms

There are no Disney Moms
The world needs Disney Moms
Our girls need Disney Moms
Walt Disney kills his moms….


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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