The Abrams-verse of Star Trek, love it or hate it, has more than it’s share of emotional import when it comes to the fans. Some will defend to the death the reboot and Into Darkness while others will at minimum shove fingers in ears shouting “I can’t hear you over the sound of Trek being slaughtered!” Which is exactly why fans on both side of this divide may well just love Trek Beyond.

The second trailer for the newest film in the franchise dropped recently from Paramount and can be seen below. The editing and storytelling of this trailer is far superior to that of the first trailer, a problem other studios seem to have been having as well. But what story does it tell? Watch it yourself below, but remember to mute our radio stream while you do – unless you want to pretend the Enterprise has on it’s PA,  which we’re cool with too.

The Abrams bridges are never this dark, note the lack of lens flare, and those uniforms! So what in the world is going on here? The clue may come in what may be the most awesome looking warp effects ever seen in a Trek film. Warp though, may not be what we are looking at there. There’s another type of warp with such mind-bending visuals and it goes back to Star Trek IV, Slingshot Time Travel.

Yep, I said it, it’s a time travel story,  but no need to worry about saving more whales. If that sounds like a stretch, I have more to back that up. Take a very close look at the USS Franklin. Go ahead and pause the video if you need to, around time index 2:06 is good. Look familiar at all? Also look at the uniforms and bridge at around 2:16. If you start looking for Scott Bakula, you’re following the scent I am. This is the era of the Enterprise series!

Of course time travel, especially in the Trek franchise, is never without complications. What hath Kirk wrought?

Borg apparently, at 1:05, and at least one relative of the Jem’hadar, of Deep Space 9,  at 1:53. I did say that both sides of the love-hate Abrams universe might be pleased. Why, because this looks like an implosion of that reality. Alternatively it’s a thrill ride of a swansong for that timeline, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Admittedly all this has been is one fan’s theory, based on little more than moments from a less than two and a half minute trailer. I make no secret of my personal view of the Abrams reality, but this trailer has me actually wanting to see this.

Star Trek Beyond opens in theatres on July 22, 2016.