Today’s edition of The Event Horizon welcomes special guests Karl and Laura Gallagher. Karl is author of Torchship, the first of the Torchship trilogy featuring the adventures of charismatic female star pilot Michigan Long, and the crew of the ship she serves on, the Fives Full. Laura is the producer of the audio book version of Torch Ship, as well as being Karl’s editor. Susan L. Fox and Gene Turnbow host.

The Fives Full feels like a very real ship, and Karl Gallagher gives you the sense that he knows what every knob, lever and switch on the ship does. He comes by it honestly, with decades of experience as an aerospace engineer, working on advanced projects in the same private market sector as SpaceX and Blue Origin. What pulls it all together is that he pays as much attention to the psychology and motivations of his characters as he does to the engineering challenges and politics of the world he’s created for the novel. Every character feels real, and every one makes sense.

Also neatly dodged is one of the old standby’s of what we call “first novel-itis”, where long blocks of exposition stand in for plot or character development, a feature that grinds many first time author’s novels to a halt. Instead, Torch Ship hits the ground running, and while the pacing is appropriate for each scene, it never ever stops moving.

Karl K. Gallagher is a systems engineer, currently performing data analysis for a major aerospace company. In the past he calculated trajectories for a commercial launch rocket start-up, operated satellites as a U.S. Air Force officer, and selected orbits for government and commercial satellites. Karl lives in Saginaw, TX with his family.

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