Writer / Producer P.J. Haarsma

Writer / Producer P.J. Haarsma

On this evening’s edition of The Event Horizon, your hosts Susan L. Fox and Gene Turnbow welcome filmmaker, producer and writer P.J. Haarsma. He is currently best known as the producer of Alan Tudyk’s comedy web series Con Man, about a television star coming to grips with his popularity. Woven into the Con Man story line, though, is a fictional television show called Spectrum, which is based in turn on P.J. Haarsma’s series of books for young adults, called The Softwire.

This evening you have P.J. Haarsma all to yourself as we talk with him about his books, Con Man, the comic book series, and how everything ties together into one glorious work that spans  four mediums.

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To learn more about P.J. Haarsma and his work, please visit his web site at PjHaarsma.com.


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