Regina Spektor’s Blue Lips makes the perfect soundtrack for this really beautiful tribute to the ever popular Steven Universe cartoon series on Cartoon Network. It evokes the soul of a blue world, with one boy as its protector, and it seems made for Steven Universe. It already has an other-worldly science fiction feel to it, and is as beautiful as the imagery chosen for the video.

As per usual, as you watch this presentation, you probably will want to temporarily pause the music stream using the handy controller to the upper right.

The video itself is the product of a YouTuber who goes by the handle “CybridProductions”. She uses the open source video editing package Cinelerra to edit her videos, and in fact has a nice tutorial series on its use.

We were especially caught by this video because the new batch of episodes of Steven Universe from Rebecca Sugar and her production team are due to appear on Cartoon Network soon. They have released this rather surprisingly lenghty sneak peek at one of the new episodes, including the revelation that the Watermelon Stevens have created their own society, have elders, and even offspring. There is no word yet on when the new “Steven Bomb” is going to drop. All we know is it probably won’t be in March – but this is a nice tasty snack to tide you over:




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