Tom Ellis plays Lucifer. Yes, that Lucifer.

Not only did the Fox network bring back a beloved sci-fi show, The X-Files, they have paired it with a brand new show called Lucifer.  And yes, it’s about exactly what you think it’s about.  Lucifer Morningstar, played by the utterly delicious Tom Ellis, has decided he’s bored with Hell and has been living above ground on Earth and mingling with the humans.

Ellis’ tall, dark and handsome looks, as well as his weak in the knees smile is a recipe for an epic new fandom.  His British sense of humor and banter back and forth between Ellis and his co-star, Lauren German, who plays LAPD homicide detective Chloe Dancer, is wonderful and something that is missing in a lot of current TV shows. I found myself smiling throughout the entire episode because of Ellis’ winning charm.  That is something I have only done with a handful of shows, which also happen to be the reasons The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Castle, and Firefly have become my top favorite shows.  If Lucifer continues in the way it started, it’s going to become my newest favorite without a doubt.

The premise is as intriguing as Ellis’ winning smile: A woman Lucifer helped is brutally gunned down in his arms outside his night club, Lux, and he is determined to find out why.  He teams up with the homicide detective who asked to be assigned to the case, German’s Dancer, and she seems to be the only human, male or female, that won’t succumb to the devil’s charm.  This intrigues Lucifer and the audience as well, to find out what makes Detective Dancer so special that she can resist his devilish charisma.

Like one of my go to shows, Castle, Lucifer becomes an official consultant for the LAPD and becomes Detective Dancer’s partner.  This will be very good food for fun and fodder, as well as some highly intriguing homicide cases which one assumes may have some supernatural bad guys pulling the strings.

We also have a B story line with Lucifer’s not so favorite black winged angel, Amenadiel, played by the also gorgeous D.B. Woodside.  Amenadiel shows up twice in the first episode threatening Lucifer to give up meddling with the humans and return to his rightful place in Hell.  Even Lucifer’s confidant, devoted ally , and reluctant Lux bartender, Mazikeen, war leader of the Lilin, a race descended from Lilith, is constantly telling Lucifer that he’s changing and needs to stop caring so much about the humans and go back to Hell where they both belong.

Between these two fascinating story lines, I am seriously hoping that Fox will give this show a full season, and hopefully even a season two.  Both NBC and Fox itself have tried some mid-season shows with Constantine and Dracula and while I thought both were fantastic, they both got pulled after one season.  Though there were rumors that Constantine would be picked up by SyFy, both Constantine and Dracula died slow deaths, and I’m guessing Dracula’s demise was because of Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s addiction issues, as well as poor ratings.  But those are topics for other articles.

I’m really hoping that Lucifer will stick around and become part of the spooky line up on Fox, maybe even pairing up with its other hit show with a handsome Brit, Sleepy Hollow.

Catch Lucifer on Fox on Monday nights.  Check your local listings for times, or watch current episodes on!


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