Ratchet & Clank is an upcoming 3D computer-animated science fiction action comedy film based on the platforming video game series of the same name. Series creators Insomniac Games helped with the film’s production, screenplay, character development, and animation. The film will be directed by Jericca Cleland and Kevin Munroe, and feature an original story written by the original Insomniac Games writer T.J. Fixman. The entire approach to storytelling is faithful to the original, so nearly everything you see and hear is a satire of some sci-fi stereotype. It’s made for laughs, and unlike some of the other offerings for the coming year which take themselves pretty seriously, this film is just for fun.

ratchet-clank-rachet_onesheet_2764x4096_rgbSeveral cast members from the games will reprise their respective voice roles. James Arnold Taylor is back as Ratchet the Lombax, David Kay returns as his companion Clank, and Jim Ward reprises his role as the studly but cowardly hero Captain Qwark. Assets from the video games will be utilized in the film, so it will look and sound substantially like the cut scenes from the games. The rest of the roles, though, were open for some surprising casting, including Sylvester Stallone, Rosario Dawson, John Goodman and Armin Shimmerman.

Initially planned for a theatrical release in 2015, it is instead set for a wide release on April 29, 2016 in the United States. Finally, we get to see an entire story at once without having to battle our way through every scenario ourselves. The chances that there will be no new Ratchet and Clank game coming from Insomniac Games to go along with the movie are probably about zero, though, and we’re looking forward to seeing that too.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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