When news reports start coming in to the Daily Planet that Wayne Enterprises’ latest hi-tech project is facing a serious mid-air emergency, threatening the safety of thousands, our hero must act quickly if he’s going to help. With no time to spare, Superman leaps into action to save the day, hoping to rescue the people in time, and if possible, save his friend’s company from ruin.

But this is Superman as you’ve never seen him before.

If you ever saw that 1976 cult classic Bugsy Malone, where an otherwise grown-up story line is completely enacted by children, then you will understand the foundation of the Superhero Kids short subjects. Watching a young – very young – Clark Kent face the challenges of his dual life as Superman is only made that much cuter when he’s joined by his fellow hero and adventurer, Batman. The Dark Knight shows up flying the Batplane, and there is a Batman sippy cup in the cupholder.

The whole thing started as a third grade class project, with Kurtis Korwan acting as executive producer, director and VFX artist (and a slew of other production roles), and Tammy Allison as producer. Superman and Batman were played by Kasen and Matthew Korwan, respectively. That’s Tammy Korwan, the two boys’ mom, as the Fox News reporter, and Brian Courtney and Timmy Spangler played the two F-18 pilots. That’s Kurtis Korwan as the voice of Perry White.

The film series began as a school project, and quickly became something much more. The attention to detail is phenomenal, down to the double boom as a runaway space plane soars over Gotham City. The effects, in a lot of cases, are better than a lot of stuff you see on television. The acting? Well, it’s kids. But that said, for little kids they deliver some pretty solid performances. You may have to watch this little gem of a film several times to catch all the references, but the producers have really done their homework.

Enjoy. We certainly did.

And a special message for Matthew: your performance was powerful, fun, inspiring and heroic.

And a special message for Kasen: you made us believe a boy can fly.


Music Credits

Hero Down
Procession of the King
Ossuary 6 – Air
— Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com, under Creative Commons License

Soldier of Fortune
— Courtesy of Scott Buckley, Licensed under Creative Commons

The Planets
— by Gustav Holst, Public Domain

Filmed on location at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

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