Harry Potter fans lucky enough to live near Orlando, Florida have had access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter beginning in 2010 at the Universal Orlando Resort, and culminating most recently with the opening of a perfect recreation of Diagon Alley in 2014. Now fans who call the West Coast of the United States their home will now be able to share that same experience.

Just released is this official Wizarding World of Harry Potter Official TV Commecial, as they so proudly name it.

The Hollywood version of the Harry Potter theme park is six acres, about half the size of the roughly 13 acre site in Orlando – but an enormous chunk of the Orlando attraction is taken up with the Dragon Challenge dueling coaster, which hasn’t been replicated at the California site.  California will, however, have many of the features and attractions of the Orlando site.

If you had been waiting for that letter from Hogwarts that never came, you won’t have long to wait now. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens to the public on April 7, 2016.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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