The Lion’s Blaze is a live action web series about a bunch of friends who play an online fantasy RPG called – you guessed it – The Lion’s Blaze. The characters include The Burly Shirtless Barbarian, The Laughing Gentleman Adventurer, and The Determined Soldier of Fortune. Oh, and a gnome whose attacks are so pitiful that nobody is quite sure why he’s even there.

Unfortunately for the players, they simply have no idea how any of this works. As a result, when they face an end game boss called The Skeleton King, the one thing they seem to do best is die. A lot.

If you’re reading this on a computer instead of a mobile device, you’ll probably want to temporarily pause the music stream using the controller in the upper right before watching the videos below.

This is the third installment of the Lion’s Blaze series, episodes of which seem to come out only about once a year. Striking is the rather excellent computer animation used in this project, a very unusual feature for a comedic short. And, underlying this magnificent silliness is some pretty wonderful music by a group called Awake! Awake!

The theme song is called I’ll Die A Thousand Times To Kill You, and the music video for it is frankly just as funny and cool as the webisode for which it was written. Watch the hapless adventurers struggle with their own incompetence, and listen to the lyrics. The music perfectly captures the sound of the ballads of Lord of the Rings, making it the perfect parody.


  • Olan Roger’s YouTube Channel
  • The Awake! Awake! YouTube Channel
  • The Bandcamp site for The Lion’s Blaze sound track album (yes, there’s more, and it’s all wonderful!)


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