To be frank, what we’ve seen so far on Warner Bros. Batman v Superman hasn’t looked all that promising. The grittiness of The Dark Knight Rises had spilled out onto Man of Steel, and we got a weirdly gritty Superman out of it. Hidden within that movie was the real Man of Tomorrow, behind the bleached-out (literally) desaturated version we saw in the theaters.

Now that we have the second full trailer to look at, director Zack Snyder is laying more of his cards on the table.

The movie is predicated on the antagonistic relationship between the two heroes, so of course the first meeting between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne is barely civil – and it’s clear that each knows the other’s secret identity. Lex Luthor turns out to be a red-headed twenty-something played by Jesse Eisenberg, who appropriately puts the “psycho” in “psychopath”.  All told in this trailer, we see Bruce and Clark meet each other, Lex meeting Superman, Doomsday (!!) making his surprise appearance (we thought they’d have held that one back), and Gal Godot making a very dramatic entrance as Wonder Woman.

The scope of the storyline seems to be putting humanity in the back seat as collateral damage as these superpowered beings duke it out amongst the desolation of a blasted out city (again). Will Batman v Superman be the Justice League movie everybody was hoping for?

What do you think?

Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice goes to the big screen March 25, 2016.


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