Miles Morales as a character didn’t made the cut for the new incarnation of Spider-Man for the upcoming movies, but his popularity as a character is still pretty darned high. Proof of that is this wonderful short subject called Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story by Bard Tales Productions, starring Demetrius Stevens in the title role. This film follows in what is now firmly established as a new trend in fandom: if the studios won’t give us what we want, we’ll make it ourselves. We applaud this, as the willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and take a project head on is is the beginning of every new and original idea in every art form, ever.

Watch the film right here. Be sure to pause the stream while you do so, if you’re on a desktop machine (for those using mobile devices, just tap the video to start it.)

The story sticks very close to canon, with a monologue from Jefferson Morales, Mile’s father. The emotional dynamic that drives Morales is set up pretty well, especially given the abbreviated format of the film.

Miles also doesn’t actually shoot any webbing, which is an interesting take for a Spider-Man story, but this is at the dawn of Mile’s powers, before he gets his web shooters. The spider bite that gives him his extraordinary abilities hasn’t even healed yet – but he does have a lot of other abilities, including some Morales has in the comics that Peter Parker does not, including self-cloaking, and a sort of energy pulse called a “venom strike”.

Usually fan productions fall down in at least one area. The writing is poor, the acting is poor, the lighting is bad, or it’s the editing – or perhaps it’s just not polished enough.

This little movie has none of those problems, and in fact even has end credits that would look good on any major motion picture. The whole film is just top shelf, start to finish. Enjoy.


SCIFI Radio Staff
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