Scrat, the prehistoric sabre-toothed squirrel, is in trouble over an acorn. Again. This new short subject from Blue Sky Studios, the creators of the Ice Age films and characters, puts the hapless rodent at the helm of a gen-you-wine flying saucer, in a little animated film called Cosmic Scrat0tastrophe.

Ice-Age-Collision-Course-Teaser-One-SheetThe short is meant to whet our appetites for Ice Age: Collision Course. Due out July 16, 2016, this movie is the 5th film in the Ice Age series, and will star  Keke Palmer, John Leguizamo, and  Queen Latifah.  That science fiction is the new direction for Sid the sloth, Diego the  sabretooth lion and Manny and Ellie the woolly mammoths does underscore the fact that science fiction is the new normal.

Oh, and we have to show you this too. It’s a poster for the trailer, in a hilarious sendup of The Martian. These guys really know how to market a film.

It does raise the comparison, though, of what happened to popular media when Star Wars came out in the late 70’s.  Suddenly every ad had to have a star field behind it, even ads for things that had absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars or science fiction. More recently, the Steampunk movement has been suffering from attempts by the mainstream to coopt some of the attention. That whole “glue some gears on it and call it steampunk” complaint is pretty valid, and it’s really pulling a lot of the energy out of that genre. Could we be seeing the same thing happening to science fiction as a genre? “Just glue some spaceships on it and call it sci-fi.”

Weird, huh? I wonder what will happen when this fuse burns out?


Gene Turnbow
Gene Turnbow

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