Wizards_in_front_of_castleWho among us hasn’t at least thought about what it would be like to be a wizard or witch and study at Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft? In June 2016, we may get to find out first hand. In the wake of the very successful Harry Potter-style LARP in Poland, there is going to be a new LARP somewhere in the midwestern United States, called New World Magischola™. It’s a full-scale, high-production value immersive, Nordic-style larp that will run for four days and three nights in the mid-Atlantic United States.

While not all details about the event (exact dates and location) have be released just yet, here is what we do know:

  • There will be at least one event running Thursday-Sunday in mid-June 2016.
  • Tickets will be available through a Kickstarter Campaign, which will launch in early-mid November 2015.
  • 80 tickets will be released at the start of the campaign; this is the minimum number of players to make the game work and the minimum level of funding to make the game happen.
  • As interest and funding permit, more tickets will be released up to a cap of 160 players in a single event. With additional interest and funding, they will run a second event on the following Thursday-Sunday in June 2016.
  • They anticipate the ticket price will be $375, same as the College of Wizardry larp in Poland, and is all-inclusive. The cost will include three nights dormitory lodging with linens, 9 buffet-style meals with vegetarian and other special dietary options, a robe and house tie to wear during the game, the design and operation of the game, all magical classes and curricula, a full-scale team of NPCs, scenographers, costume, lighting, sound, makeup, and choreography designers, and a school formal in a ballroom with music. You’ll need to supply your own wand.

The Magischola folks have designed a new magical universe for North America that intertwines with actual colonial and indigenous history, people, and practices. In the game you’ll be able to play a first, second or third year student, or even a professor. You will be selected for one of five houses, each with its own traditions and founder (first-years will be drafted into a house as part of the game).

There will be five courses of study or “majors”: Cryptozoology, Healing, Artificery, Cursebreaking or the Path of the Marshall. You’ll take classes related to your major, and you will be able to join a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. You’ll live the life of a wizard in a magical world, with encounters with magical creatures, villains, and perhaps traitors in your midst.

Information about the world is being released weekly at their Facebook page www.facebook.com/nwmagischola and their Twitter feed www.twitter.com/nwmagiscola. If you’re interested in learning more or helping out, you can also join their Worldcrafter’s Brigade.Right now, there is no main web site for the effort, which surprises us. However, that’s likely to change in the very near future, and this shouldn’t necessarily put you off the idea of investigating this wonderful resort opportunity.

A new and very magical world awaits …