The great thing about time travel stories is that they don’t have to end. Take yesterday’s Back to the Future Day, for example. Celebrations of the arrival of Marty McFly and Doc Brown in their future/our present continue, to the delight of the fans who love the films.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd crashed Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. This is what happened (pause the stream while you watch):

And Toyota had them both participate in a show-and-tell about a completely new way to make cars go using garbage – kind of like what Mr. Fusion does, but using more accessible means. Watch as they learn about an experimental hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai:

Lastly, we have a wonderful monologue from Christopher Lloyd himself, from the driver’s seat of that famous Delorean:

There are also regional celebrations, including screenings of the trilogy in theaters all over the place – including at the Puente Hills Mall, the setting of that first exciting trip to the future in that iconic flying Delorean, and a calendar of local events here in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow isn’t quite what we thought it would be, but we came pretty close, and the thrill of discovery is still there. We’ll always find the time to go Back to the Future.