Have you ever shared a box of your favorite pizza with a friend and you split the cost and you both want that last piece for yourself? (I know I have. I’m greedy.) Well, these guys go from fighting over it with words to using light sabers and the Force from Star Wars as well as a portal gun from the video game series Portal to get that sweet last piece of pizza! Watch this awesome video by Eunoia Creations and see how it turns out.

Be sure to pause the SCIFI.radio audio stream while you watch this so you don’t get that doubled up soundtrack problem. Use the controller at the upper right.

This video was published to YouTube and various other sites around a month ago. This video is special because of its high quality choreography, visuals, and a simple yet funny story that gets you interested and keeps you there through all the action. Make sure you check out their  YouTube channel, as well as their Facebook page. Tell them SCIFI.radio sent ya!