Brett Culp, the same filmmaker from Tampa, Florida, who created the inspiring documentary Legends of the Knight, is doing it again – except this time, Look to the Sky documents people who have been inspired to heroism by Superman.

If there’s one thing that Superman symbolizes above all else, it’s hope. The new film is about the young heroes who are inspiring us to believe in tomorrow.

By becoming real-life superheroes when facing life-threatening situations, homelessness, physical challenges, and loss, the young people in Look to the Sky are showing us that light can shine brightly, even in the darkest places.  There is hope for the future, and the “Superman spirit” we grew up with is still living in the hearts of people around the world who believe.

It’s noteworthy that the budget for the first film was a paltry $30,000, and that they reached that goal in a matter of just a few days. This time around the budget is $90,000. Indications are good that they will blow past even this funding level, with almost $6,000 pledged already with the first day of the campaign just beginning.

Look to the Sky is more than a film.  This documentary will be used around the world to raise money for charitable groups, strengthen communities, and help educators share heroic messages.

People all over the world of every age are inspired to heroism by the enduring story of the Man of Tomorrow. Everyone can be a part of the hope he represents. In our hearts, where it counts, Superman is real.


SCIFI Radio Staff
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