Looking back on the history of science fiction in Hollywood, one thing stands out: there really is a history, and it is continuing to pile up as we move forward. The iconic events that lead to the now, however, are not just piling up, they’re becoming not only rare, but cherished. Witness Hollywood Auction 74, which started yesterday at 11:00 AM PDT on September 29,  and runs through October 1. The objects of interest are being auctioned by Profiles in History, a prominent broker of motion picture and television memorabilia.

The auction features almost 1,900 noteworthy lots.  There are items in the three day auction from a range of movies including Star Wars, Star Trek, Spider-Man, Back to the Future II, Mrs. Doubtfire, Ted, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz, and obviously a lot more. They’re highlighting some of the more memorable items from Star Trek.  They have both costumes and props. Unfortunately most of these things are well outside the financial capabilities of most of us, but for those lucky few, there are things like these:

Lot 1590: Leonard Nimoy “Spock” tunic from Star Trek: The Original Series

spockshirtEstimated Price – $70,000 – $90,000

This velour science division Starfleet duty uniform tunic was worn by Leonard Nimoy as the mixed human-Vulcan first officer, “Mr. Spock”, in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series. Complete with original rank braiding on the sleeves and insignia, this incredible piece has been stored in a dark closet since 1968 and the color remains exceptionally vibrant. What is truly remarkable is the iron-clad accompanying provenance. This Nimoy Spock tunic was the first prize in a 1968 “TV Star Parade’s Star Trek–Design-a-Costume Contest”. Never before have we encountered such a prized wardrobe piece from the Original Series with such exceptional documentation. Mr. Spock remains as the overwhelming favorite and most highly desired Star Trek character by collectors. This second season tunic is beyond reproach. Tiny 2 mm. hole on the left breast with slight staining under the arms; very fine overall condition.

Lot 1604: William Shatner “Captain Kirk” space suit from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

kirksuitEstimated Price – $12,000 – $15,000

An extravehicular spacesuit comprised of a tan and brown quilted jumpsuit with multiple ribbed elements, molded plastic accents on sleeves and legs to suggest technology. With hand sewn matching gloves and boot gaiters that attach via straps and hooks. The costume also features an “EV” life support pack of cast fiberglass shell with foam components serving as seals at neck and shoulders. Internal tubing and wiring present along with visible battery hub that would have powered illumination. Pack retains internal markings, “Back Shatner #0” and gloves and jumpsuit are marked handwritten, “W. Shatner”. Highly visible when William Shatner as “Admiral Kirk” reels “Spock” (Leonard Nimoy) back into the U.S.S. Enterprise following the mindmeld with V’Ger. With production wear and distress. Rubber components exhibit moderate deterioration. Electronics untested. In vintage very good condition.

Lot 1591: Star Trek: The Original Series script signed by cast and Gene Roddenberry

Estimated Price – $1,000 – $1,500

Star Trek: The Original Series script signed by cast and Gene Roddenberry. (Paramount TV, 1966-1969) Vintage original studio bound and bradded 113-multi-color revision page final draft script written by Jerome Bixby. Originally the personal shooting script of Vic Perrin who guest starred in the episode as “Tharn”. In vintage very good condition.

Here’s the link to the auction, which will bring you to individual links to all three days. The Star Wars items are in day three. Feel free to check out our other collectibles and television memorabilia.

Bidding is done online. If you actually do manage to win something at auction, do let us know. We’d like to meet you!