It’s probably time to just completely retire the Do  You Want To Build a Snowman meme. It’s been done to death.

Oh, well, except for this one. Just one more. But trust us, this one is so sweet and funny that it’s worth it. And at the end, you’ll feel compelled to go to YouTube and hit the subscribe button.

Madi2theMax is the name of Madison Brunoehler’s YouTube channel. She plays a wild variety of different characters, including a few guys – and a robot. For the record, that’s acting.

A Los Angeles local, she’s already something of a sensation, and a big sci-fi nerd. In fact, we met her at a Browncoats dinner in Van Nuys, California about a year ago. She was overflowing with personal energy and creativity then, and she’s only gotten better.

Let’s see how many more subscriptions we can get for her today.

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