There is one troupe of performers that has had real staying power. It’s been 34 years since Jim Henson’s creation,  The Muppet Show, was on television, and they’re still some of the best loved characters in movies and television. They’re right up there with Mickey Mouse, Superman, Spider-Man, Elvis, Doctor Who and Star Trek. A return to television by the Clan of the Ping-Pong Ball Eyes was, in our opinion, many many years overdue. Here is the pitch video that got The Muppets back on the air. It’s a fresh new take on the familiar, with the show being shot more of a contemporary, reality-based documentary style.

We’re using “reality” here with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but how different is this from real reality shows? They’re all staged and set up in ludicrous circumstances in the first place. In a sense they’re all Muppet shows, just without so much felt and maribou. Here’s the picth video itself. It’s about ten minutes long, and completely safe for work – assuming you don’t get caught watching it.
The new generation of Muppets doesn’t seem to be above taking jabs at themselves, either. And, watch for a cameo by Elizabeth Banks getting dissed by Kermit for not being famous enough to be on the show.

Everything is fair game in this delicious lampoon of television itself. Enjoy.

The Muppets returns to ABC Television this fall. No air date has yet been announced.

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