Recordings from the world of SF Fandom

The original Voices of Fandom web site was created in 2006 by fan musician and filker Bill Mills, for the purposes of archiving the audio history of science fiction fandom. Mills collected and curated this collection actively until July of 2015 when, sadly, he had to close the site for financial reasons.

For many years this audio archive served as a kind of online audio museum of sci-fi fandom, and some of the recordings Mills procured for the collection span decades. Many of the voices you’ll hear are those of towering figures in science fiction, including the likes of Isaac Asimov, Frederic Pohl, Hal Clement and many more who have been since silenced by the passage of time.

When we learned that this collection was going offline, we came to the rescue, and now The Voices of Fandom lives on as a historical archive on the web site. We can think of no better home for this important piece of fandom history than the world’s first full service sci-fi / geek culture radio station.

From Bill Mills, the creator of The Voices of Fandom:

Over the years, Fanac (Fan Activities) has taken many forms and provided outlets for creative expression and community participation within science fiction fandom. TVoF is simply our high-tech attempt to keep up an ‘old family tradition’! Our continuing ‘mission’ is to collect audio interviews and audio clips, either newly recorded or historic artifacts, spoken word or music, for the entertainment of interested science fiction fans everywhere! The site includes rare clips, interviews, stories of ‘fan history’, readings of fan writings, music, filk room recordings and voices of fans in the ongoing Fandom Oral History project. There’s also a link to a fannish photo gallery too! I hope you find something useful, educational or entertaining during your visit to TVoF !

We will be slowly migrating its pages over to WordPress so that it can be properly maintained moving forward, and the videos in the archive will be migrated to our YouTube channel.

In the meantime, please enjoy The Voices of Fandom as it appeared in its original format. is largely listener supported radio, and this project is possible in part because of listeners like you.

We at are proud and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the preservation of these important artifacts of SF fandom history, and we especially thank Bill Mills the hard work and dedication that made all this possible.

— Gene Turnbow,  station manager for, president of Krypton Media Group, Inc.