Team Fortress 2's new update features some great new iron, and some great new dance moves.

Team Fortress 2’s new update features some great new iron, and some great new dance moves.

Loaded with new skins for your favorite stock weapons, this update lets you kill mercilessly with panache and flair! How do you get these new weapons, you ask? In order to obtain these shiny (or not so shiny, if that strikes your fancy) new weapons, you need to buy a Gun Mettle Campaign Pass from the Mann Co. Store for roughly $6 USD. After purchasing it, you can use the pass to immediately start your progress in the new three-month campaign mode. Each week, you get two contracts with a normal challenge and an advanced challenge. Each of those contracts rewards you with either a campaign-exclusive weapon or a weapon case with equally exclusive weapons. The weapon cases also have a chance of giving you a Strange-quality weapon with the fancy skin or an Unusual-quality weapon with floating bits around the weapon, like planets, ghostly fire, or another particle effect. There is also a very rare chance for that weapon to have all of those qualities.

This new update also brings community-made maps to the table. These maps are Powerhouse, Borneo, and Suijin. Of course, these would be difficult to explain without you exploring these lovely maps for yourself. So why not go out there and try them when the update arrives? The feature of nabbing someone else’s weapon when they die also makes a debut in this update. However, you must be the correct class for the item the enemy drops. With this feature, you can try out weapons quicker than ever! It’s implied that you can also try out the new reskinned weapons as well.

Various taunts are also added to the game in this update, including the “Kazotsky Kick”, the “Box Trot”, and the “Proletariat Posedown”. The new achievements are all related to the new Powerhouse map.

For those who actually play the game, a myriad of weapon and class balances have been added, and can be found at the bottom portion of this webpage on