Ever notice that the collectible action figures are getting more and more detailed and articulated all the time? It turns out that they’ve gotten good enough that animations like the ones done by Counter656. He’s 30 years old and working in the machinery export business in Taiwan. He’s also a part time University teacher, plays guitar and piano, and speaks English, Spanish, Chinese and Mandarin, but he makes these amazing stop motion animated pieces and puts them out on the internet for fun.

In this one, Batman and the Joker square off. About midway through, Batman gets an unexpected sidekick. Counter656 is doing things with stop motion animation that I was sure you couldn’t do unless you had special rigs built for the job, the most important of these being animation of characters who spent some of their time off balance. How is he keeping the figures from just falling over? If there are wires or filaments holding them up, we can’t see them.

Watch and be amazed.

These figurines are really well articulated, and Counter656 is obviously buying them with the idea of animating them. The fact that this comes out so well is a testament to his skill and dedication, and these animations typically take a month and a half to make and are comprised of roughly 6,000 individual pictures each.

To see more of Counter656’s work, visit his YouTube channel.

Great job, Counter – just, wow.

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