Music genius Siwa De Leon knocks another one into orbit with cover of the Force theme from Star Wars: A New Hope. This simple, yet soulful, arrangement of the theme originally penned by John Williams as part of the sound track to the now legendary motion picture strikes just the right place in our psyches to give us that familiar chill down the spine. Violin and guitar are the only medium of expression here, and it works beautifully.

Says De Leon of this piece:

There are many iconic theme scores from the entire Star Wars film franchise, but they are mostly of the upbeat variety. “The Force Theme” is one of those pieces from the slow and mellow side of this all-desert planet. It can be heard on many scenes involving characters, usually from the Jedi side, having an epiphany or in a contemplative state but often appearing as added musical motifs to a bigger piece such as “Yoda’s Theme” or the “Binary Sun” Theme.

This version is the standalone “Force Theme” from the OST. As is always the case, my idol John Williams’ orchestration is already as perfect as it can be which is why I went the acoustic/semi-orchestral route for this arrangement with heavy emphasis on the interactions between a solo violin and acoustic guitar.

Diwa De Leon is an amazing musician and composer in his own right. Master de Leon is world renown for his musical contributions, including works such as composing the official music for Survivor Philippines GMA. One of his preferred instruments is the beautiful sounding two string hegalong, but one of his favorite along with his work on the violin. He has a deep love of video games and has produced many cover songs and videos of some of his favorite games, which can be heard right here on

You can buy this song on LOUDR. You can also get his other songs on both iTunes, and Loudr.

Enjoy this beautiful piece.  Breath in, breath out, feel the Force flow through you.

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