The designation is accurate. It’s not a rifle, which would imply that all the output of the gun emerged from a single point, to arrive at a single targeted destination. In this case, Drake Anthony has built a device that uses an array of eight 5w lasers, which add up to a total output of 40w. That’s enough to easily set objects on fire or detonate small incendiary devices at close to moderate range.

Watch as Drake demonstrates this monster laser weapon which no sane person would want to own:

He’s studying at Southern Illinois University, working on a triple major in chemistry, physics and math. He’s mostly known for his DIY Laser Guy YouTube series, where he demonstrates insane things he’s built with real working lasers. He’s built his own laser-powered lightsaber, similar to the ones made commercially by Wicked Lasers, but this weapon is so insanely powerful even he has qualms about using it.

The beam it puts out is incredibly bright, and it projects a continuous, sustained beam – which is why it needs a heat sync on it the size of a grapefruit.

To find out more about Drake Anthony and his projects, visit his Styropyro YouTube channel and his web site StyroPyro.

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