Periodically we show you something that isn’t new, but it’s new to us. This little gem was buried in the depths of the Internet, and we managed to dig it up. Kind of like, you know, buried treasure that a pirate would bury. And because it was buried on the Internet, it would have to have been buried by electronic pirates.

Okay, that’s a stretch. But the song is a great nerdy anthem. As usual when watching videos on the web site, be sure to temporarily pause the radio stream using the controller in the upper right of your screen so that you don’t have a dueling sound tracks problem. This is, after all, not a remake of Deliverance.

Robot Pirates was originally written by Andrew Huang of Toronto, Canada. He makes at least some of his money by writing songs on commission. His web site Songs To Wear Pants To debuted in May of 2002, but most of his work is now done through his YouTube channel. Like, he eschews foul language and adult themes in favor of mass appeal.

This video, however, was done not by Huang. The animation was produced by LawlolLawl Studios,  in a beautiful example of fannish creative synergy.

This is the most fun thing we’ve seen all day, and we hope you enjoy this little gem as much as we did.

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