To every story there is a dark side.  Chad Bacca, the second son of Chewbacca and Princess Leia, gets interviewed for an Endorian talk show, and things get awkward, fast. Rampant alcoholism, paternity tests, and dead ewoks, it’s all there. Today’s video is a behind the scenes, tell-all of the life and troubled times of the second son of the galaxy’s favorite wookie.

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Chad is played by Bryan McClure, known for his work on Tangerine Sky (2009), The Scientist (2010) and Lucky (2011).  Lisa Marie Summerscales is the journalist, and with Kev Stock produced this short subject as well.  Princess Leia was Lisa Links, and Chris Meehan was Chad’s brother Chip Bacca. Notably, Ms. Summerscales stars in the horror thriller Ritual, directed by Mickey Keating. The film was recently purchased by Lionsgate, but it’s already available on Amazon Instant Video.

Watch through to the end. Things take an unexpected turn when Chad gets his mother talking about who his real father is.

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