fourColorBulletSlimThe Marvel Universe: 1961-2015

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artists: Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina Cover by Alex Ross MARVEL

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina
Cover by Alex Ross

The end has finally arrived. If you’ve been reading Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, then you know the Multiverse is coming to an end. For the past few months, Hickman has been setting up the story of universes colliding with each other, the attempts to stop them, and the high cost of trying to stop the incursions. Now it’s down to Earth 616 (the Mainstream Marvel Universe) and Earth 1610 (the Ultimate Universe). The last universes standing, and we the reader are forced to watch two universes we’ve cared about for years finally slug it out in a no-holds-barred, epic fight for survival. Writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Esad Ribic and colorist Ive Svorcina craft some pretty striking visuals and some glorious battles. There are so many characters involved in the final fight, yet none of their appearances ever seem gratuitous. This is the real deal, folks. The end is most seriously nigh.

The only dislike I have is that if you haven’t been keeping up with Avengers or New Avengers, you may find yourself a little confused. But Hickman offers enough explanation to keep you in the story. All you really need to know is that two worlds are fighting each other, trying to save their own. And by the end of the issue, even that won’t matter.

I liked this kickoff. Hickman delivers what he’s been building in a big way, and the art team’s work is gorgeous. And it’s only an eight-issue miniseries so who knows what he has planned. The original Secret Wars was my favorite as a kid, and I remember anticipating the release of every issue. Hickman’s Secret Wars is looking to reawaken that sense of adventure and “epicness” I enjoyed as a comic-reading kid, and if every issue is as exciting as this one, I think he may have done it.


Writer: Jeff King Artist: Andy Kubert DC COMICS

Writer: Jeff King
Artist: Andy Kubert

The Week 5 Convergence Update



After summoning Brainiac, who he has imprisoned, Deimos seeks to set up some conflict between Brainiac and Telos by revealing the true secret of Telos. The Warlord, on his way with his wife Tara to stop Deimos, is beset upon by lizard men. Tara is killed in the attack, but the Warlord defeats the lizard men and vows to avenge her. Meanwhile, Deimos threatens to end the contest and rule alone. The Earth-2 heroes attack Deimos in a bloody fight, when the Warlord comes thundering in on a dinosaur. Deimos and the Warlord are locked in conflict, but Deimos kills the Warlord, causing him to age out of existence. The cave where the fighting is taking place begins to collapse, and the Earth-2 heroes barely manage to escape. They unknowingly leave Yolanda Montez behind, and she is rescued by Deimos, who invites her to watch his grandiose plan for domination unfold.


Batgirl: Convergence #2: The Batgirl tie-in concludes as Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, and Tim Drake, all from the Pre-Flashpoint Universe, team up with the Flashpoint Universe’s Catman to take on Flashpoint Gorilla Grodd.

Atom: Convergence #2: Pre-Flashpoint Ray Palmer struggles to regain his sanity and bring Ryan Choi back to the land of the living. But Deathstroke is waiting in the shadows to take out both Atoms.

That’s all for this week, faithful reader. There’s more to come.

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