Darth Vader plots. Luke questions his place. And someone’s looking for Han Solo.

by staff writer Michael Brown

Writer: Jason Aaron Artists: John Cassaday and Laura Martin MARVEL

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: John Cassaday and Laura Martin

The Heroes of Yavin survived their first story arc as Marvel’s take on the Star Wars saga continues. This time, Vader is dealing with the events of the last three issues, and visits Jabba for some official business. Jason Aaron is doing a great job on the series so far, as he provides some insight into the characters that will likely show us how they arrived where they are in Empire. But most impressive is his take on Luke Skywalker. With what happened in this issue, I’m eager to see the events that led to his later confidence. And if that wasn’t enough, a new player arrives on the scene, and this mysteriously dangerous individual is gunning for Han Solo. And sure, the period between Episodes IV and V are established, but there’s still a lot of time in between, and we don’t know everything that happened.

And John Cassaday’s art is fantastic. He did a great job with the scene with the Rodians, and his likenesses of the other characters are very well rendered.

Star Wars #4 takes a bit of a breather after the intense last story arc, but it’s clear that Jason Aaron is setting the stage for something big.

CONVERGENCE 3And now it’s time for the Week 3 Convergence Update.

The DC Comics event continued this week with issue 3 and a whole bunch of tie-ins.

The Earth 2 heroes rescued the man named Deimos, who told them that he could free them all and lead them off the planet Telos. Shortly thereafter, the heroes were again attacked by Telos’ drones and the Earth 2 Superman is captured and neutralized, leaving Telos free to deal with the city of Kandor’s rebellion. Thomas Wayne and Dick Grayson, who visited the pre-Flashpoint Batman and asked for help, return to the fight in one of Batman’s Batmobiles and help the others free Superman. The heroes agree to accompany Deimos to the center of the planet where Deimos has promised they would find their means to escape, while Batman and Grayson stay behind. Batman is out of Miraclo, which he takes to give himself enhanced strength, and someone has followed them from Gotham.

While Deimos leads the heroes underground to the city of Skartaris, also in Skartaris, a woman names Shakira has imprisoned all of the Time Masters, claiming to keep them away from Deimos. Meanwhile, Professor Pyg, the Riddler, and others have followed Thomas Wayne out of Gotham and commence to beating the life out of him. Wayne swears they will never harm another Wayne again, then detonates an explosive device, killing him and the villains. Grayson is left alive the ponder the situation when the Joker shows up, shooting Grayson much the same way he shot Barbara Gordon. Grayson says he can’t feel his legs as the Joker moves in for the kill. Telos suddenly appears and snaps Joker’s neck in disgust, calling him “a vile creature in every timeline.” He then whirls on Grayson, insisting that he tell him where the others have gone, concluding Book Three.

NEW TEEN TITANSIn Convergence: The New Teen Titans #1, written by Marv Wolfman, the pre-Crisis Titans have been trapped in the Dome for a year and fighting crime powerless. When Telos finally announces his intentions and returns their powers, the Teen Titans find themselves fighting the Tangent Universe’s Doom Patrol when they discover that Cyborg’s power source may be the ticket to getting them home.

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