This is one of the most oddball – and exciting – movie trailers we’ve seen from Marvel Studios in a long time.

Paul Rudd plays reformed petty criminal Scott Lang, recruited by Dr. Henry Pimm to set rebalance the scales of justice using revolutionary technology that reduces him in size, but multiplies his strength. We are also treated to some great footage of Evangeline Lilly (“Tauriel” from the Hobbit movies) in a new fantasy role as Hope Van Dyne, sporting a new hair style that very strongly reminds us of The Wasp. Could it be?

About two thirds of the way into the trailer, Van Dyne is teaching Lang how to punch. Lang never sees it coming.

This trailer seems to show some of the same quirky spirit and atmosphere of Guardians of the Galaxy. They seem to have tapped into an emotional core that they think we, as fans, will like. So far it’s working.

Ant-Man from Marvel Studios is due out July 15, 2015.

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