In Artoo in Love, everybody’s favorite astromech droid searches for love in Alderaan places.

Evan Atherton has created a love story using authentic recreations of droids from the Star Wars mythos that surpass the capabilities of the ones built for the movies. The cinematography is gorgeous, the sound track by Devin Mooers is breathtaking, and the storytelling is funny, bittersweet and absorbing.

Watching Artoo have a love affair with a mailbox is comedic heaven, but Artoo in Love is more than just a quick schtick – it’s an official selection of the Sonoma International Film Festival for 2015. It was shot at various locations around San Francisco and Berkeley, most notably Balboa Park in San Francisco near the famous Exploratorium. It was sponsored by some visionaries at TRUE MVMNT, and brought together members of the R2 Builder’s community. The film features R2KT, a pink-themed droid with a history. KT was created as a treat for a young cancer patient named Katie Johnson, whose short life was made so much happier for the having this remarkable robot watching over her in her final days.

Atherton himself works at Autodesk Research, a subdivision of Autodesk that furthers the exploration of the science and art of computer graphics in the areas of construction, artificial intelligence, simulation, robotics, architecture, engineering.

Enjoy. We did.



Writer, Director, Co-Editor: Evan Atherton
Produced by: TRUE MVMNT |
Executive Producer, Co-Editor: Shara Esbenshade
Co-Executive Producer, Artoo Builder/Operator: Grant McKinney
Producer, Production Designer: Sargam Atherton
Director of Photography, Aerial Camera Op.: Wesley Walker

Original Music by: Devin Mooers |

VFX by:
Pete Billington
Landis Fields

Sound Design by: Joshua Chang

R2-V1 and Mouse Droid Builder/Operator: Brian Munger
R2-KT Builder/Operator: Evan Atherton & Grant McKinney
Robotic Arm Development: David Thomasson
Drone Pilot: Maurice Conti
Colorist: Charlie Nordstrom
Caricature Art by: Ian O’Neill
Titles by: Julian Bialowas

Special thanks to:
Susan Atherton, Gerard Fajardo, Chris James, Julio Menard, Blake Menezes, Stephen Simpson, Jeren Suzuki, Autodesk, Inc., Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, Lucasfilm Ltd.,,

RED, Zeiss, DJI, MOVI, Universal Robotics

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