by Nur Hussein

Star Trek: The Animated VoyagesIn the world of Star Trek fan fiction, we sometimes see works that are elaborately and lovingly done with painstaking attention to detail. Star Trek: The Animated Voyages is such a project; it is a fanfic digital comic book created using secondary characters that appeared in Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Some expanded universe Star Trek fiction, whether licensed or otherwise, frequently draw upon minor characters and guest roles from the show. The premise of the series is that one such character, Svenquist O’Shea, is captain of a Constitution-class starship on a mission of exploration very much like the original Enterprise. His crew also consists of characters seen on the animated show, with one or two original creations.

The comic was created by re-creating sets and scenes using a combination of Star Trek: The Animated Series model sheets and a tiny amount of screen-grabs from the show. The creative team behind this comic is the husband and wife team of Jon and Leah Markiewitz. Jon is the writer and graphics artist, while Leah is the editor.

There is one issue of the comic up on the website, with more in the pipeline. The first issue is titled Perils of Waves and War, and chronicles an insidious plot by the Romulans to transport entire planets, with the Federation and the Klingons caught in the middle. The artwork is beautiful to behold, and the story is ambitious. However, the writing does feel a bit formulaic (as is par the course for Star Trek), and I feel the writers don’t quite have a knack for naming starships: While the main starship has the not-terrible name of USS Starhaven, we also have a ship called the USS Solar Flare, which sounds terribly mundane.

This is a promising little project and we look forward to future installments of the adventures of Captain O’Shea and the USS Starhaven.

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