By Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Helix has always been convoluted and a little hard to follow time-line-wise, but this season two is really making it difficult. When we last left our dubious heroes and scary-eyed villains, the base out there in the middle of nowhere had been destroyed and the Narvik outbreak had been contained. We hope. Julia (Kyra Zagorsky) in all her silvery-eyed glory went to work for the Ilaria Corporation, Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) determined to wipe out all the immortals, and everyone else went their separate ways. Now here it is at Day 1 again (as far as the show is concerned) and a new CDC team, led by the other brother Dr. Peter Farragut (Neil Napier), is heading to a particular island once again out in the middle of nowhere to stop an outbreak of another deadly pathogen.

On the island there is of course a commune that’s been there, we learn, for a very very long time, run by the same creepy god-complex man, Brother Michael (Steven Weber). A gifted, if not more than a little bugshit insane, botanist and scientist, Michael controls the Abbey Commune on the island and literally the lives of everyone in it – including the long line of women who’ve been his breeding partners, every one of them both his daughter and the mother of his next child, because Michael believes greatly in breeding selective qualities. Peter brought with him Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes) from the first season of Helix, along with toxicologist Dr. Kyle Summer (Matt Long), who inevitably it turns out is lugging secret reasons of his own for being there.

Warning! First season Spoilerz ahead!

For those of you who might need a small refresher course from the first season, here are some upshots: Hiroshi Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada, remember him?) made his daughter Julia into a silver-eyed immortal, like him; Alan swore vengeance on super-secretly run by immortals Ilaria Corporation, after what they did to him and his at the base; Sarah had a thing, and then a fling, with Alan; Hatake’s wife and adopted son were rather brutally killed on the base; and oh yeah, Sarah was made silver-eyed too, in theory to save her life. This is all relevant to Season 2, but the characters tend to summarize a lot of what happened at the super secret snow base so we can get to most of what season two seems to be about: consequences.


Stay with me here. We’re here at the commune watching the CDC and the Abbey folk clash, only now the show insists on fast-fowarding old-fashioned camera style, to 30 years later. Out there in the ruins of the Commune, Julia is here, looking for her contact to lead her to particular places on the island. No-one else of the present is here, unless you count Julia’s grape-nuts insanity dreamland encounter with her father, but the upshot is that the immortals of her present are dying of an illness, which should be impossible. So Julia came here, where apparently all roads lead, in the past and potential future, to the island. Where we learn, as the show begins to interleave the potential future and the past, there is indeed an outbreak of a deadly mutant-berserker virus that the CDC people dub “mycotics”. Kyle gave the name, “myco” for the fungus which bears the virus, and “cotics” for psychotics, because it sure makes people go absolutely crazy.

So how is this all connected in season two of Helix? Why is Alan already at the Abbey when the CDC folk get there? What implications will Sarah’s ability to breed at all have on the legacy of the immortals? Who is the mysterious young man who saved Julia’s life, reputed to be her know-nothing contact? Everything really is connected, just like the strands of – say with it me – a Helix. Though to save yourself potential brain-strain in trying to figure how the hell this mess really is all connected, I recommend binge-watching the show.

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