The Ken Spivey Band is the most popular trock band on the planet right now. “Trock” is a contraction of “Time Lord rock,” and the genre is all about Doctor Who. Today’s video features The Ken Spivey Band’s original trock song, The Doctor Lies. Scenes from both classic and modern Doctor Who series decorate the crunchy rhythm and melody lines.

We play a fair amount of The Ken Spivey Band’s music on, and Ken has been a guest on our weekly sci-fi panel discussion show, The Event Horizon.  The video itself was produced as a Doctor Who fan project, and it was done by Minimatt Films Production House & Recording Studio.

The song comes from the Ken Spivey Band’s latest album, Days of the Doctor.  If you want to buy the album, you can. It’s on iTunes,, and Spotify.

This will get your hearts pumping. Both of them. Enjoy.

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