by Nur Hussein, staff writer

J.J. Abrams has revealed the five of the names of the new characters we see in the Star Wars teaser trailer, and he chose to do it via a set of numbered trading cards made to look old-school. Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy who remember the films being first released might also remember the Topps trading cards issued for the films. Abrams released the images of the cards to Entertainment Weekly, and continues to delight both old and new fans with his homages to the classic trilogy. The names we finally know about are:

  • John Boyega’s character is named Finn (card #76).
  • Daisy Ridley’s character is named Rey (card #74).
  • Oscar Isaac’s X-Wing pilot dude is named Poe Dameron (card #53).
  • The mysterious hooded figure with the ridiculous crossguard lightsaber is named Kylo Ren (card #67).
  • The ball droid’s name is BB-8 (card  #11).

The cards feature screenshots from the trailer, and besides the named characters, we have three more cards depicting the stormtroopers (card number #81), the X-Wings (card #88) and the Millennium Falcon (card #96). Abrams claims the numbers have a significance to them, but declined to comment further, leaving fans to speculate amongst themselves as to what they mean. I think Abrams is going to have Topps release a whole new set of trading cards to coincide with the release of the film, at that these are the numbers from the actual cards. I think we can guess that there will be at least 96 cards, and probably more.

The names they made up sound remarkably consistent with the made-up names that George Lucas used to come up with (before he jumped the shark with “Jar Jar Binks” and “Elan Sleazebaggano”). However, whenever I hear “Finn” I can’t help but think of Adventure Time. Perhaps Finn and Rey will get last (or first?) names eventually. What do you think of the names? Sound off in the comments below!

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Nur Hussein
Nur Hussein

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